About Me

I am (Adjunct) Professor of Granular Materials associated with the Multi-scale Mechanics group, within the Department of Thermal and Fluid Engineering. My main research interest is in multiscale modelling, in the past focusing on granular materials, in particular, size segregation. Now, my research interests are much wider with applications including ionic liquids, agglomeration (including selective laser sintering) and self-healing.

My research is applied mathematics based; but I believe in using the powerful combination of experiments, simulations and numerical solution to gain a deeper understanding of a problem from all sides. Therefore, my work includes: small (and sometimes large) scale experiments; deriving new models; constructing software packages to simulate discrete particles (MercuryDPM) and solve continuum equations (oomph-lib); and analytical work. I am currently involved with projects that include all of these aspects, more details can be found on my research interests page.

Links to the two software packages (MercuryDPM and oomph-lib) I am heavy involved in the development of can be found below:

Also now offering training, consultancy and support for MercuryDPM via our spin-off company MercuryLab: