8th International Conference on Discrete Element Methods

Best Talk

First Prize Award Masahide Otsubo
Talk title: Discrete element modelling of elastic wave propagation through granular materials for laboratory shear plate tests

Second Prize Award Rémi Chassagne
Talk title: DEM simulations and continuum modeling of size-segregation in bedload sediment transport.

Best Poster

First Prize Award Yuki Mori
Poster title: Large-scale DEM-CFD method for a gas-solid flow in pharmaceutical engineering

Second Prize Award Marvellous Khala
Poster title: Effects of interparticle friction coefficient on the dynamic shear flow behaviour of granular material in the FT4 Powder Rheometer

Third Prize Award Manuel Moncada
Poster title: Applications of a DEM-MBD coupled model of a vibrating screen in vibration analysis